Who We Are
the Word defines us

image We accept what the Bible says about us.

We let the Word tell us who we are.

The Bible declares that we are saints and by the Grace of God we can be winners all. We embrace that and claim that,
and we can believe it and live it out-- claim what the Word says about who are are. We affirm that those who
have experienced New Birth become saints.

Join the saints at AlphaChurch.org , in this place with people who were sinners but now are saints being perfected. We will be
better persons for Christ as you become one of the saints in this fellowship of Christians. Claim the resources of God and
the fulfillment within Christ. We are children of God who are victors in Christ Jesus!

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Jesus is Lord and Savior
Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.

song I Am Thine O Lord, for kid's to learn and sing along

Acoustic Arrangement by Tom Conlon

Forgive Myself song

singing by Three Bridges

Alpha Church is an online church with visual worship. After worship take holy communion where Christ is the host; bring with you a small amount of something to eat and a little to drink and Christ will sanctify these. Be sure and watch the short videos that are offered at Alpha Church which are Bible based. Be encouraged through your prayers to move in closer to Jesus through online church learning, prayer, and holy communion with Jesus. If you are on a mobile phone then click on the mobile link to the left, which is on the menu.

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